Advertising Campaign

A startup digital company had a great business plan to help consumers in everyday emergencies, but no advertising plan at all.

This full 360º advertising campaign included multiple animated TV spots, print ads, webisodes, native video and rich media for partner sites, as well as featuring a GPS-enabled mobile app that immediately put consumers in touch with exactly the hero they needed.

So epic!


Animated TV spots and Webisodes

Advertising was created in a 1960's Pop Art comic book style with dramatic, over the top facial expressions and super bright colors.

A beautiful woman is headed to a special event and is suddenly confronted with a flat tire. Jeepers, what is she going to do?? She’s never fixed a flat tire before, and darn it, she’s not dressed for it at all. She pops out her smartphone and accesses the WorkHeroes app she just downloaded. POP! Her burly personal Workhero appears out of nowhere with a new tire and a winning smile. "Thanks Workheroes.com!"

A young professional man heads home from work, but suddenly remembers that it's his wife's birthday. Quickly whipping out his tablet, he accesses WorkHeroes.com, and WHOOSH!, a flying woman in a cape lands heroically before him with a beautiful ring, saving the day for the forgetful husband. Kissing him tenderly on the cheek, his happy wife whispers "Thanks WorkHeroes.com!"

A woman sits panicking at her desk at work, wondering how she's going to get this important presentation to her client in time for the big meeting. Suddenly she gets a great idea! She pulls up WorkHeroes.com on her computer and TA DAA!, her very own WorkHero messenger boy appears, waiting to speed her presentation to its destination. Accepting her promotion from the boss, she smiles and exclaims "Thanks WorkHeroes.com!"


Client Presentation

Concept 1
Find Your Hero (shown above)

Create a humorous platform for the brand in a self-aware, witty voice to demonstrate that consumers can find help for absolutely ANY problem by accessing Workheroes.com.

This concept positions vendors (and the brand by extension) as personal super heroes for consumers at the exact moment they're needed.

By making a clearly preposterous claim in a humorous way, it shows consumers that we know there are limits, but that WorkHeroes.com can put help in their hands more quickly and easily than anyone else. Who's the hero now?

All imagery is created in a 1960's Pop Art style with an overly heroic, classic Superman feel. This look plays perfectly with the WorkHeroes.com logo, and is visually suited to overly dramatic, tongue-in-cheek subject matter. Additionally, this style keeps the feeling of the ads light and fun for consumers.

Using this style of art will be an effective way of linking the brand to a familiar feeling of American pop culture. It's fun and eye-catching. Ease of use is an important element of the brand, so simplicity of visuals makes sense conceptually and fiscally.


Concept 2
Be The Hero

Demonstrate to consumers that using WorkHeroes.com to solve their problem will make them the go-to person in any crisis.

Drawing upon the main benefits of WorkHeroes.com (speed and ease of use) this concept puts that power directly into the hands of consumers, letting them take credit for saving the day whenever it's needed.

By creating an emotional reward for consumers (being the Hero), we drive new users to WorkHeroes.com. And where there are willing buyers, there will be enthusiastic sellers.

Advertising, Media & PR
Create a custom YouTube channel to feature seemingly random and candid acts of heroism from around the world, all of which are performed by your friendly neighborhood WorkHero! Short spots are shot with cell phones and are made to look like shaky user-submitted videos of “crime” scenes and “disaster” areas, but are really everyday annoying situations heroically fixed by WorkHeroes.com.

Commercial 1
Panicked and confused citizens run aimlessly through the streets looking for answers to an unknown crisis. Just as things look darkest, Mr. Whittlesby the grocer steps into the street to calmly deflate the situation. Holding up his tablet and showing the Workheroes mobile app, he proudly proclaims “Don’t fret, fellow citizens, I’ve found the perfect lunch delivery. And they have enough for all of us!"

Commercial 2
It's almost Christmas and despite all their frantic efforts, little Billy's parents have had no luck locating that last Super Mega Robotron toy that every kid wants this year. What are they going to do? Luckily, Mom remembers the great new site she heard about called WorkHeroes.com. She jumps on their laptop and orders one of the toys through the site. Easy Peasy. Christmas morning comes and little Billy is jumping up and down. Workhero Mom saves the day.


Concept 3
Good Job!

Calm the panicking masses by equating the brand's ease of use with a job that's already finished and well done.

By focusing heavily on ease of use, this concept creates an emotional connection with consumers by convincing them that WorkHeroes.com has already done the hard work for them.

The double entendre headline simultaneously praises consumers and touts the expertise of the brand.

Advertising, Media & PR
30 second TV spots paired with native video and rich media on partner and vendor websites

Commercial 1
It’s a calm summer evening at the Smith household and Bob and his wife are watching a boring sitcom on TV. Then, CRASH!! A meteor smashes through the roof, devastating their living room and mercifully smashing the TV. Without bothering to get off the couch, Bob picks up his smartphone and taps on the WorkHeroes app, instantly producing an insurance adjuster and a group of workers that fix everything in short order.

Quick cut to the next scene with Bob and his wife in their new living room, lazily watching another boring sitcom on their new TV.

Commercial 2
Brianne and Chad’s wedding day dawned sunny and gorgeous, and they couldn’t have been more excited to begin this new phase in their lives. With all their guests seated out in the lovely gardens and her husband to-be smiling at her from the lawn, Brianne started her walk down the aisle toward her future. Little could she have foreseen the sudden violent hail storm lurking behind the trees.

With breathtaking speed, the Father of the Bride whips out his smartphone and summons WorkHeroes.com to cover the wedding party with a custom garden pergola. Once again, Daddy saves the day with true fatherly wisdom.

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