Red Stripe: Commercial Bowl

Super Bowl Consumer Promotion
Connecticut Ad Club - Best Visual Promotion

This parody campaign for Red Stripe Jamaican Lager poked fun at the fact that brands who don't offically sponsor the Super Bowl cannot say the words "Super Bowl." 

Being one of those brands, Red Stripe instead played up the real competition during the game: the commercials. To create additional buzz surrounding the campaign, a consumer competition was created to see who could make the best commercial, with the winner receiving a trip to party in the Big Game (’s parking lot). Small budgets only get you so far.

The subhead sums up the small brand with a self-aware, quirky personality: "Hooray Big Game We Can't Afford To Mention!"

Insider Commercial

As a way to encourage consumers to create and upload their own Red Stripe Big Game commercials, we created a commercial in the crazy style of Britain’s Trigger Happy TV to 'seed the pot'. The overwhelming response was unexpected and very exciting.


Consumer Submission


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