Oral-B: B Happy

Shopper Marketing Campaign

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This idea was developed as a 360º shopper marketing campaign to remind consumers at retail how smart it is to have a healthy, happy smile by demonstrating (humorously) what can happen if hygiene is ignored.

Oral-B: B Happy

Client Presentation


Oral-B is viewed by consumers as the quality, high-end toothpaste brand used by professionals, but research has shown that it is not seen as a brand that has a great connection with public psyche.

Demonstrate the tremendous wit and self-aware humor of Oral-B by showcasing in a comical manner what can happen if oral hygiene is ignored.

B Happy

Self-confident, humorous visuals help consumers overcome their insecurities and take action. By showcasing multiple people in one campaign, the comic element is the main focus and no individual person is singled out.

Retail displays were enhanced by motion sensors to trigger Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Furthermore, a consumer promotion called “Smarten Your Smile” helped consumers engage with the brand, and if necessary, connect with a local dentist in the area.

Positioning Oral-B in this way offers consumers a simple path to better oral health, and spotlights the brand as the hero. By aligning the brand with regular people who are already very confident as they are, just imagine how confident they’ll be after they use Oral-B.

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