NFL Kids: Big Brains Initiative

School Improvement PR Campaign
Concept, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Client Presentation by Ted Johnston

Professional athletes are role models, and children look to them for guidance and inspiration. But if kids truly want to be great, they’ve got to work that big brain in the classroom!

To ensure their futures remained as bright as possible, the NFL teamed up with the other American pro sports leagues to help schools and students to greater success.


Professional sports leagues are joining forces to help youngsters reach greater success in school and show off their big brains! Top athletes everywhere are jumping in to help. Case in point...

Crowd shots at an NFL game.
The TV announcer calls out the final play...

“New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley jukes and spins, he’s flying down the sideline! Ten seconds left! He’s at the 10, the 5, touchdown! Giants fans are going crazy, bouncing up and down in the stands with their Saquon Big Head signs!”


Crowd shots at an NBA game. The commentator jumps up...

“Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic is driving the length of the court. Three seconds left! He elevates and dunks at the buzzer! The crowd screams and celebrates! Show off those Luka Big Heads, fans!”

“Mavs win!!”

Crowd shots at an MLB game. The play by play man digs in..

“It’s the bottom of the 9th and Mike Trout steps in with his LA Angels down by 3, but the bases are loaded. He gets an inside fastball and turns on it! It’s deep! It’s gone! Grand Slam!! The crowd is going nuts with their Mike Trout Big Heads!”

“What a game!”

Later on, the athletes are celebrating with the Big Brains Kids, inspiring them to continue their winning streak in school.

Posing for a photo-op with the young fans, they all try their best to squeeze in to the picture. The little ones fit in fine. The Big Brain athletes, not so much.
Crowd: “BOOOOOOOO!!”


The NFL Big Brains Initiative

Client Presentation
America’s youth are facing daunting  challenges with every step. But nothing can set them up for a successful future more than doing well in school. How can we create a campaign that will help them achieve academic success and let them have fun at the same time?

Kids love to emulate their heroes and dream of achieving the same glory. To help them realize their dreams, recruit some of the biggest stars in professional sports to help convince them that success and big brains go hand in hand.

The NFL Big Brains Initiative
Success Is Huge

Inspiring today’s youth is wonderful, but to really help them shoot for the stars we need to provide an incentive for them to help themselves. With that in mind, all the major American professional sports leagues are teaming up to offer monetary sponsorships to the schools across the country who show the biggest percentage improvement in academic success. Instead of just rewarding the top schools, this will level the playing field for everyone and give each school and student an equal chance to show off their big brains.

The winning schools will receive scholarships and grants for graduates, money for additional academic programs, sponsorship for sports teams and additional funding for overall campus improvement projects to use at their discretion.

In return, the leagues get a ton of invaluable PR, while helping to secure the future of some great kids.

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