Jose Cuervo: League Of The Notorious

Retail Marketing Campaign

Our client wanted to restructure Jose Cuervo's brand image to be more edgy, tagging it with the line "Live Notoriously Well."

In response, we created a fictional secret society called The League of The Notorious (think Yale's Skull & Bones Society meets HBO's Sons Of Anarchy) and built a mysterious air of danger and intrigue around the brand, exponentially raising it's coolness level.

To get consumers involved, a website and mobile apps teased consumers with the possibility of private entry into some of the most exclusive places and events in the country, but only if they could prove themselves worthy.


Jose Cuervo: League Of The Notorious

Client Presentation

Restore the standing and reputation of Jose Cuervo in the minds and hearts of consumers.

Create a mysterious air of danger and intrigue around the brand, exponentially raising it's overall "coolness" level.

The League Of The Notorious

A secret society of the most interesting and mysterious individuals has been operating for years. Nobody knows for sure who they are or what they do. The only thing that is certain is that Jose Cuervo is running the show.

The consumer-facing segment of this "secret society" will be represented as a mix of HBO's Sons Of Anarchy and Yale's Skull And Bones club. Equal parts danger and intelligence.

An air of coolness and exclusivity is key in creating a club that will generate curiosity among consumers. A custom website and social media presence will spread the word that The League Of The Notorious is looking for new recruits. Whispers and rumors fly.  Is it possible to join them?

Shopper Marketing
Retail spaces are an extremely important element in brand engagement, and this campaign takes consumers to new places. Many tactics will be utilized in liquor stores, such as digital data capture, GPS games linked to the location through store opt-in, and value-added purchase options. Bars can get involved by offering menu specials, VIP entry and giveaways linked directly to the brand.

A large social media presence will continue the relationship with consumers (and generate more leads for the brand) by consistently updating them on newly revealed offers, secret codes, and GPS coordinates for mobile game participation, among other things. The more involved consumers become, and the more they involve their friends and followers, the more exclusive content is unlocked. Each of the offers will subtly direct consumers back to retail.

A custom website is created that teases consumers with the possibility of exclusive entry into the coolest places in the country, but only if they have the right credentials and have demonstrated worthiness. In actuality, any user can access the site and learn of its very real offers. Offers of exclusive VIP entry into clubs and events, discounts on Jose Cuervo products, free downloads and other desirable items are only available through the brand.

In-store activation of the campaign begins with messaging on print POS and bottle neckers that Jose Cuervo is revealing something big. Consumers are directed to the website via QR codes to immediately learn more about the brand and it's secret.

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