Hanes: Mom-isms

Advertising/Shopper Marketing Campaign
Concept, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Client Presentation by Ted Johnston

The Mom-isms campaign is a humorous look at what can happen when traditional underwear-focused motherly wisdom meets the modern family. Directed toward the female head of house, this idea features numerous retro serial-style commercials starring an unnervingly upbeat Mom, who is always looking out for her family.

No. Matter. What.

Unfortunately for them, it’s her disheveled and petrified family who may or may not be wearing clean underwear.


1950’s-style Narrator over homey, domestic music...
Childhood shapes our lives, for better or worse. And Mom’s wisdom will always be there to keep us in line. Or, at least, to shame us into remembering her words.

A quiet family kitchen late at night, and all is calm. A yawning teenage boy opens the fridge to grab a snack.

“Wear clean underwear!” Mom jump-scares the bug-eyed kid, who grabs his thumping chest.

Milk jug falls. Cat screams.

“You never know when you’ll be in an accident,” says Mom, smiling at the camera.


In the garage, Dad is under the car, changing the oil.

“Wear clean underwear!” Clank! goes Dad’s head.

Tools fall. Cat screams.

“You never know when you’ll be in an accident,” smiles Mom, shaking her head.


A lazy afternoon in the family living room, and a young girl is napping on the couch.

“Wear clean underwear!”

The girl pops off the couch like a fish in a boat, landing with a thud on the floor.

Glass breaks. Cat screams.

“You never know when you’ll be in accident,” laughs Mom, totally unconcerned.


Hanes: Mom-isms

Client Presentation
Research has shown that sales of Hanes men’s and women’s underwear has lagged behind last year’s numbers, contributing to a lower than expected ROI. An updated advertising campaign is needed to put Hanes back to a top of mind position with consumers.

Create a nostalgic and ownable underwear-related scenario that is relatable to everyone, utilizing the history and recognizability of the brand to reclaim its leadership position.


The Mom-isms campaign focuses on the unnervingly upbeat RetroMom who’s always looking out for her family, no matter what. Ads feature her disheveled family wearing what may or may not be clean underwear.

Commercials are paired with three 10 to 15 second episodes appearing on partner sites as rich media or native video. Episodes are based on the three scenarios featured in the main commercial.

In addition, each episode is paired with a partner company who caters to a similar family-focused demographic as Mom’s unwitting victim. For instance, the Dad episode pairs with an automotive partner. The Boy episode pairs with a snack food partner, the Girl episode with a back-to-school partner. Each ad buy is strategically aligned on social media sites to pair Hanes with it’s episode-specific partners in advertising feeds.

Shopper Marketing
In conjunction with TV spots and partner companies, the retail enviroment that will drive conversion begins as soon as consumers enter the store. Floor decals that lead to the Hanes display, shelf violators with RetroMom’s crazy face and digital connectivity are just the beginning. Female in-store influencers in out-of-section areas act as Moms who want nothing more than to make sure everyone has top quality, clean underwear. 

At the display itself, a video screen with motion sensory technology will detect potential customers and jump-scare them with RetroMom yelling her “Wear Clean Underwear!” line from the commercials (quietly). Once consumers’ attention is captured, they are inspired to connect further with the brand through QR Codes that will collect contact info and analytics, further encouraging purchase and driving sales.

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