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Guinness Believer was created as a fully interactive, traveling experiential event to mentor and educate consumers about the storied history of the brand.

It's powerful message of quality and purity was spread through advertising, social media and word of mouth, spiking sales among attendees by 94%, and growing global category brand share by +7 points. Effectively changing long held misconceptions about the brand in the process.

Considered by Diageo as a Global Best Practice campaign, Guinness Believer has produced spectacular results year after year, defying the economy and bucking import beer category trends.


Guinness Believer

Event Videos


Believer has always been about the purity and greatness of Arthur Guinness' famed Irish stout. This video served as the introduction to consumers at the event, guiding them on a journey across the world and into the great mind of the visionary brewer.



Continuing the theme of purity, this video was created to guide consumers through the beer's creation using the only four ingredients that Guinness stout has ever known: water, barley, hops and yeast.



A major reason why Guinness stands apart from other beers lies in it's bubbles. Guinness is not carbonated, it's nitrogenated. Nitrogen bubbles are 1/3 the size of carbon bubbles, giving the stout it's famous smoothness and velvety head.


Fergal Murray

Guinness' world-famous brewmaster takes his place to escort consumers through St. James' Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. Here, he explains every step along the line of creating his favorite beer, from sampling roasted barley to the merits of the two-part pour.



After a full evening's worth of entertainment, this video's intention was to give consumers the idea that even a 250-year old beer brand like Guinness can be current and cool, and have it's eyes set firmly on the future.


Case Study & Results

Guinness Believer was a success in every form. Not only was it an enjoyable consumer experience, but it also far exceeded the client's business expectations and helped drive sales and category share for the brand.


Guinness Believer, Volume 2

The Guinness Believer event was updated a few years after the original, with a slimmed down video featuring additional footage and information.


Guinness Believer

Client Presentation

The Guinness Believer consumer mentoring program hasn’t been updated in years. It’s past successes need to be brought into the 21st century to connect with more tech-savvy, modern consumers.

Create a fully-immersive, interactive event that takes consumers through the entire life cycle of Guinness. By utilizing the metaphor of a physical trip to Ireland, we can guide them through each step in the creation of the world’s greatest stout.

Virtual Trip To Ireland

Large scale HD screens featuring picturesque views of Ireland will give consumers a virtual sense of travel. The videos that tell the story of the creation of Guinness simultaneously bring the audience along on a ride across the Atlantic, firing up the crowd in the process. A custom musical score in multiple current styles brings the brand into modern times.

A young MC with a background in stand-up comedy gives youth to the brand while offering professional entertainment. And a large crew of bartenders and servers keep the crowd in the action with free pints and food.


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