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Commercial Concepts
Created in the style of the award-winning TV spots.
Concept, Creative Direction Direction, Copywriting, Client Presentation by Ted Johnston

“Sir” Charles
with NBA Hall Of Famer Charles Barkley
Toblerone TV Spot

NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is traveling to England aboard a private plane for what he thinks is a long-overdue knighting ceremony with the Queen. His entourage is dancing and celebrating with him when a stewardess brings him a giant bar of Toblerone to enjoy. "Here you are, Sir Charles." The beaming Barkley is overjoyed. Finally some respect!

Quick cut to Queen Elizabeth on her throne, sternly shaking her crowned head.

Immediate cut back to a shot of Barkley traveling home in the opposite direction, alone and dejected, but commiserating with yet another giant chocolate bar.

Toblerone. Making everything better.
Yes, even this, "Sir" Charles.

Rogue Mascots
with Chris Berman
Star Wars: Rogue One promo

The Maryland Terrapin and the South Dakota State Jackrabbit mascots don't like each other much. Their rivalry has been compared to that of the Empire and the Rebels. Ha! If only they were that friendly.

Cut to quick shots of lightsaber battles at the Bristol ESPN offices. The Terrapin hides underneath the Sportscenter desk. Everyone's dodging blaster shots. "Watch that crossfire, boys!"

In the cafeteria, the Jackrabbit dives for safety as the salad bar explodes. The Terrapin slowly lowers his bowcaster with a menacing stare.

Meanwhile, Chris Berman and a group of other ESPN employees are seen walking through a breezeway on this sunny afternoon, chatting amiably. That is, until the Jackrabbit explodes through the group, desperately trying to escape his fate.

Slowly... well, extremely slowly, the Terrapin continues his pursuit.

Cut to the employee-strewn floor. Shaking the rubble off his head and trying to hide his light saber, Boomer admits "This galaxy is in serious trouble."


Hide And Cheez
with Linda Cohn and Kenny Mayne
Cheez-It TV Spot

Star Sportscenter anchor Linda Cohn lets us in on a secret. "It’s a little known fact here at ESPN that Kenny Mayne is a serious Cheez-It maniac. He guards them jealously. Well, kind of immaturely, really."

Cut to quick, shaky-camera shots of Kenny stashing his Cheez-Its all over the ESPN offices, surreptitiously peeking around corners for sneaky cheese thieves.

He resorts to trying to convince hungry co-workers that he's sneezed on his Cheez-Its so he won’t have to share.

He points at some imaginary disturbance behind Chris Berman and steals his distracted friend's own bag.

Now he's taken to hiding out all day in his pillow fort.

Cut back to Linda, shaking her head. "Like the rejected cheeses that Cheez-It deems unworthy, Kenny just hasn't completely matured yet."


I Wouldn’t Do That If I Were You...
with Marcus Mariota and The Rock
Disney’s Moana promo

Star Tennessee Titans QB and native Hawaiian Marcus Mariota is angry he wasn't cast as the voice of Maui in Disney's new animated film, Moana. Duane "The Rock" Johnson was cast instead. But now, the normally subdued Quarterback is hell bent on confronting The Rock while he's visiting the Sportscenter set.

Little does he realize that The Rock is huge.
And Marcus can't act.

Cut to a shot of Stan Verrett and Neil Everett on the live Sportscenter set trying (and failing) to ignore the two large men chasing each other across the stage.

And Marcus's screams of pure, abject terror from just off-camera.

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©2024 Johnston Creative Studios, Inc., all rights reserved. JCS and the shield logo are registered trademarks of Johnston Creative Studios, Inc.